About Us

Thunder Niche was founded by Brandon Saltalamacchia, an avid content creator who started creating a niche community for retro gaming lovers at the age of 16. Now in 2019, he has built Thunder Niche, a niche content studio that assists and manages the growth of niche brands or communities.


Why do we go niche? The answer is simple. Advertisers hate over diverse, low engaged audiences, and let’s be honest; the internet is full of this, especially social media! It’s a poor ROI for the advertisers and low, unreliable income for the owner. So, we build precise, high engaging communities that can be a trustworthy and rewarding place for advertisers to spend money.


“Advertisers don’t want to target big, diverse audiences, they want niche, more reliable communities as that’s where the ROI is”

Not only will this create a higher more reliable income for the brand owner, but the community appreciate better-targeted adverts and are more willing to spend their hard earned cash if they’ve seen an advert from a brand or community that they actually trust. Plus, owning a niche brand allows you to understand your audience better, you know what content will work, and what content won’t. You’ll know how they’ll react to social media posts, you’ll know what they’ll buy, you’ll know what they want, and more importantly, you’ll know what to do.

Timelines and Google are being filled with content that just doesn’t interest us. Wouldn’t it be nice to be following a handful of brands and communities that you enjoy and trust instead of following pages that try and force content/adverts down your throat that you just don’t care about?

“niche communities are the future of content”

We here at Thunder Niche have created niche communities for ourselves in order to bring in reliable and sustainable revenue streams over the years. But most of all, we have created brands that we have a passion for, allowing us to enjoy what we do, and our staff can be a part of something that they have a genuine interest about. So we have made Thunder Niche to help others do the same, and to create a brand or community that makes money for our clients.