Our Projects


Retro Dodo was created in 2019 as a passion project. Our team has always had a passion for retro gaming, so we decided to build a brand around it. Thankfully our founder Brandon has a YouTube channel dedicated to this, so with a slight rebrand, and the start of new social pages, we began to grow a new community dedicated to playing and collecting all things retro. What the competition lacked, was a modern, hip, retro hub. So we built one.

400K Followers – SOLD

Van Clan was created in 2018 with the simple idea of becoming the go to place for van lifers and road explorers to learn and laugh. It started off as a simple Facebook page. By putting video first we grew it to 100,000 strong within three months without spending a single penny. It was at this moment we knew we had something special. So, we built a website, opened our Instagram account, and then started to provide the world with the best van life content around.


Let us build YOUR community.

What We Do

thunderniche research

We Research

To begin with, we take a look at what our team are truly passionate about. What hobbies do they have, and what do they love doing more than anything else? Because starting a brand without passion is a recipe for disaster. We then do some market research and study the competition to see if we can outwork them. Finally, we start testing content, if engagement is high, and we see a niche that needs information and entertainment we can then make the next move.

We Create

Creating content is where the magic happens. We pride ourselves in being able to make high quality, high engaging content that works well with current social network algorithms. Majority of our content is video, this is due to the high CPM and value it brings to our community. Not only does it help build the brand, it also competes with other competitors in our niche that doesn’t put video first, allowing us to excel in growth and revenue.

thunderniche create

We Grow

Once our content strategy is flowing it’s time to keep the momentum going. We not only publish high quality content but constant engagement with our community is what builds brand trust. We’re constantly answering questions, featuring community members within our content and collaborating with other businesses in our niche to provide our community with a sense of activity. Letting our followers know that we are always helping, always working and always growing.


Let us create YOUR content.

How We Can Help

Thunder Niche can help you with your niche content strategy and advise you on how to grow a large community on a small budget. We can setup weekly Skype meetings to take you through strategies, a one-off social review, or full blown content packages where we build you a community from scratch.


We’ve built niche brands before, so we can advise you on what next steps to take and some growth hacks we’ve learnt along the way.

Social management.

We can manage all of your social media accounts, give you monthly updates and curate content for your specific niche community.

Content creation.

Our team of content creators can build original content for your website and social platforms. Written, video, audio; you name the format, and we can make it.


If you’re looking to outsource absolutely everything, then we can build you an entire niche community from start to finish.

Let’s chat.